C24 puts ISO 20022 repository on the iPad

Source: C24

C24 Technologies, a leader in financial services messaging and integration solutions, today announced the availability of the C24 20022.iO iPad App for easily navigating and searching ISO 20022, the international standard for financial messaging.

Available for immediate download from iTunes, the C24 20022.iO iPad App is a data model browser reference tool for the ISO 20022 Repository. The C24 20022.iO iPad App significantly improves data analysis and development productivity by enabling data management teams and data architects to search the ISO 20022 model by business area or message set, search the model for any element within the data dictionary, and discover how message components and elements are traced back to the business data dictionary.

C24 also released updates to the free C24 Integration Objects (C24-iO) Open Edition product that includes the latest C24 ISO 20022 Repository Standards Library.

“ISO 20022 standards adoption helps firms cut costs and improves industry-wide efficiency,” said Wayne Meikle, Commercial Director, C24 Technologies. “The freely available C24 20022.iO iPad App and C24 ISO 20022 Repository Standards Library have proven immensely popular with over 1,200 downloads across Europe (41%), Americas (32%), Asia-Pacific (22%), and rest of world (5%), with a demographic profile that we believe reflects ISO 20022 adoption.”

C24 Integration Objects (C24-iO) is a standards-based Integrated Development Environment (IDE) and run-time that extends Java integration frameworks, relational and NoSQL databases, and caching solutions with data modelling, metadata management, message transformation and semantic validation for any data format.

C24-iO, along with the free C24 ISO 20022 Repository and FpML Standards Libraries and 40+ additional industry-variant Standard Libraries, provides a robust, high quality financial standards integration platform that addresses all of a firms financial standards integration needs, supporting legacy and internal canonical data models, industry standards, and industry specialisations such as SWIFT MT and MX.

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