Lexington State Bank deploys Fiserv's CRM suite

Source: Fiserv

Fiserv Customer Centered Solutions (Fiserv CCS), the customer relationship management (CRM) business of Fiserv, Inc. (Nasdaq: FISV), has expanded its relationship with Lexington State Bank, Lexington, N.C.

Lexington State Bank is implementing the browser-based Enterprise Relationship Management Software Suite - a solution designed to improve the customer experience, reduce costs, improve efficiency and retain and build the customer base through effective sales and servicing processes - to more than 400 associates.

At the center of the relationship with Fiserv CCS is Lexington State Bank's Model Branch methodology, which helped the bank to determine how it wanted to manage sales and service initiatives bank-wide and establish best practices. Through an extensive CRM evaluation, Lexington State Bank found that the Enterprise Relationship Management Suite provided the right mix of tools to accomplish its goals.

Richard Balentine, executive project manager of Lexington State Bank, said the selection of a CRM tool is helping the bank to achieve its Model Branch environment so that customers and prospects are treated appropriately across the enterprise.

"ERM is the foundation needed to provide LSB customers with the consultative advisory sales approach as defined by Model Branch," Balentine said. "The selection process was simplified by our existing relationship with Fiserv CCS. It is critical for us as a small, regional bank to gain the competitive advantages that Enterprise Relationship Management provides. We are creating a collective knowledge base so that the whole bank knows what issues need to be addressed and how to address them, and we have the confidence that all associates have the same information and can meet the needs of our customers. This creates a customer-driven methodology that will differentiate our bank from the competition and create value to our customers through enhanced business processes and associate knowledge."

The implementation is a multi-faceted approach that extends beyond software to focus on processes and people across the bank and leverage existing infrastructure. Lexington State Bank will now have the ability to integrate its Fiserv SourceOne core banking system, ancillary third-party vendors and Fiserv InformEnt Data Warehouse so that it can disseminate key information to the front line and back office using a role-based browser portal. The bank will have a complete view of customers, enhanced ability to manage sales and service opportunities and referrals, and the ability to measure the results of individual initiatives.

Lexington State Bank is implementing several components of the ERM Suite, including the Contact Management, Campaign Execution, Business Process Management and Sales Force Management modules to effectively retool its business processes.

"The ERM Suite is the hub that pulls disparate data together, disseminates that information to the appropriate people and promotes the best-practice initiatives that Lexington State Bank has established," said Regis G. Rapp, president of Fiserv Customer Centered Solutions. "They will achieve substantial efficiency and productivity gains by leveraging their existing systems and integrating them into the ERM Suite."

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