Birdback brings card-linked offers to US and Brazil

Source: Birdback

Birdback's card-linked offers are now available to hundreds of publishers and millions of customers across Europe thanks to partnerships with Quidco and Affiliate Window.

But across the Atlantic, the market is still frustrated by service providers with schemes limited to only certain banks or payment processors, stalling adoption of this superior experience. Even Cardspring, recently acquired by Twitter, is undermined by these flaws. 

Today, Birdback is launching the next generation of US card-linking platform built entirely upon the existing payments infrastructure. This means it’s the first that can reach 100% of customers across America and Brazil, as well as it’s comprehensive European coverage. Advertisers and publishers everywhere can make card-linked offers the standard experience for their customers.

Why does it matter?

90% of commerce still takes place offline. Online advertisers have long attempted to join the dots with offline offers but have always failed because they ask too much of their customers to achieve it. Apps, new NFC cards, printouts, bookings -- nothing has worked.

Until now. With Birdback, any online advertiser can now close the loop and provide cohesive metrics across the online/ offline divide.

Nicolai Watzenig, Birdback co-founder and CEO: “It’s becoming increasingly clear that every online publisher needs an offline story. Our platform is the first that provides that ability seamlessly and easily the biggest markets. Right from our EU launch in February, we had enquiries from US companies who realised the advantages of a different approach.”

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