OneMarketData launches SocialSandbox alpha discovery platform for social media

Source: OneMarketData

OneMarketData, LLC, the founders of OneTick, a single solution for analytical stream processing and tick data spanning both historical and real-time, today announce the launch of SocialSandbox, a web-enabled hosted platform developed in partnership with Datawatch Corporation and Social Market Analytics, to enable buy and sell side traders to identify, measure and back-test social media data together with market data.

The utility and application of social media data is a dynamic topic where the content is evolving along with the best methods to derive information from these sources. The market continues to explore the potential of this data, but not without significant costs and efforts related to research and data administration. SocialSandbox eliminates the tasks of loading and aligning the necessary reference, time series and social sentiment data, and providing visual and statistical analytics to enable alpha discovery. The Sandbox integrates all of the capabilities available on a monthly subscription basis.

OneTick, the industry-leading solution for time series analytics, is the engine used to generate the analytics presented as a series of Sentiment Studies including “Top-ranked by social sentiment,” “Sentiment to market benchmarks,” (e.g. Open, Returns, etc.) and many others. The analytical studies are presented using Datawatch’s web-enabled visualization software. Social media scores, provided by Social Market Analytics, are overlaid against market prices.

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