Wallaby announces extension for Firefox

Source: Wallaby

Wallaby, the leader in mobile and web-based credit card optimization solutions, today announced the launch of its extension for the Firefox browser.

The introduction of the Wallaby Firefox Extension extends the company's platform of products that empower consumers to maximize rewards or cash back, and minimize their fees when using their credit cards online or in store.

The Wallaby Firefox Extension provides users with a highly convenient way to identify which of their credit cards they should use for online purchases at a wide selection of merchants such as Amazon, eBay, Staples, and Best Buy. More than 800 e-commerce sites are covered by Wallaby's growing database of merchants.

The Wallaby Firefox Extension provides consumers with access to Wallaby's proprietary credit card recommendation engine, algorithms, and CardBase database of credit card offers. With the extension loaded, users simply click the Wallaby icon in Firefox to receive their recommendation. To make it easy to identify the suggested credit card, the Wallaby Firefox Extension recommendation includes a color thumbnail image.

"Firefox remains a highly popular browser with fiercely loyal users. We are delighted to offer a simple and effective way for Firefox users to access the most up-to-date credit card recommendations available any where," said Matthew Goldman, Founder and CEO of Wallaby Financial. "Our goal is to make Wallaby a ubiquitous part of each credit card transaction. By delivering recommendations on which credit card to use for online transactions we are delivering on this promise."

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