Wausau teams with Cummins Allison on cheque and cash scanning

Source: Wasau

WAUSAU Financial Systems, the provider of best-in-breed financial technology, services and solutions, today announced it's teaming with Cummins Allison to offer banks unprecedented ability to capture checks and cash using just one scanner.

Clients using Deposit 24/7 remote deposit capture (RDC) solutions now can take advantage of the recently WAUSAU-certified, revolutionary JetScan iFX® high speed currency and check scanner to streamline their remote capture process.

Because the JetScan iFX processes both checks and cash, the need for separate equipment - and the associated maintenance costs - is eliminated. Banks today are processing fewer and fewer checks and are demanding scalable, outsourced solutions allowing them to process cash and checks in one environment. The JetScan iFX coupled with Deposit 24/7 offers the unique ability to process complete deposits, a growing market for banks, whether used in-house or through an outsourced model offered by vault capture providers.

"Banks today are avoiding the costly investment in infrastructure to support the fading form of check payment," said Patrick Brzezinski, vice president Strategic Alliances, WAUSAU Financial Systems. "As an alternative, banks are turning to leading vault capture providers who can offer a bundled check and cash capture solution. The JetScan iFX scanner supported by Deposit 24/7 captures both payment types, enabling our cash vault partners more efficiently meet their customers' growing needs."

Dunbar Armored, Inc., the largest independently owned armored courier in the United States, uses JetScan iFX cash and check scanners in some cash vaults to improve operator productivity. The JetScan iFX sends check images directly into the Deposit 24/7 platform, virtually eliminating manual error correction in post processing. According to Dunbar Vice President Cash Vault Services, Hank Willis, "We have been able to reduce operation costs and improve productivity by using this integrated solution. The JetScan iFX picks up even faint images, such as those found on Money Orders and merchandise redeemable checks, resulting in faster processing with far fewer errors. Batch preparation is easier and processing issues normally associated with imaging work are significantly reduced; most notable being automatic ''flip'' of incorrectly oriented items, and reduced need for physical document repairs."

The JetScan iFX crops, rotates and orients checks automatically, so the need to rescan due to misfaced or misoriented checks is virtually eliminated, significantly improving read rates and reducing the need to manually correct errors. Beyond its industry leading speed and high image quality, the JetScan iFX not only scans check images at an industry leading speed of 400 documents per minute, it also processes cash at a rate of 1,600 bills per minute. Armored carriers, financial institutions, retailers and other check- or cash-intensive businesses can improve efficiency by integrating the JetScan iFX with WAUSAU remote capture solutions.

"WAUSAU clients will find the JetScan iFX an easy-to-use and very efficient enhancement," states Frank Janezic, executive vice president, Cummins Allison. "Clients tell us they immediately notice the improvement this latest technology provides because it helps them achieve their productivity goals much easier. Cummins Allison is very excited about the WAUSAU certification as it opens new doors for both organizations to bring their solutions to the image capture markets."

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