LCH.Clearnet rolls out Calypso collateral management tech

Source: Calypso Technology

Calypso Technology, Inc., a leading provider of cross-asset front-to-back technology solutions for financial markets, announced today LCH.Clearnet Ltd and LLC have completed the project to introduce the Calypso Collateral Management solution to their Collateral and Liquidity Management (CaLM) offering.

With this development, LCH.Clearnet is able to deliver further processing efficiencies with automated, real-time Collateral Management operations.

The Calypso Collateral Management solution delivers three key benefits:

 Automated real-time management of liabilities
 A consolidated view of Member collateral assets facilitating a streamlined margin call process
 Full support for cash management and Treasury services

In implementing Calypso, LCH.Clearnet has replaced a vendor package in the front office and an in-house legacy platform in the back office. The Calypso solution is capable of delivering real-time, accurate views of positions and collateral and enhanced mitigation of operational risks.

"Successful implementation of the Calypso platform at LCH.Clearnet is a strong testimony of our ability to scale and perform to the demands of one of the leading clearing houses in the world," states Charles Marston, Chairman and CEO of Calypso. "We are especially proud of this endeavor, as it is an innovative and sophisticated combination of our core solutions for capital markets, treasury and collateral management." 

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