CSI adds support for tokenisation

Source: Computer Services Inc

With more payment providers offering comprehensive mobile wallets that allow consumers to store multiple card accounts and conduct transactions via mobile devices, the need for security increases exponentially.

To deliver these additional security features, Computer Services, Inc. (CSI) (OTCQX: CSVI), a provider of end-to-end technology solutions that empower financial institutions to remain competitive, compliant and profitable, supports tokenization capabilities for all CSI debit and credit issuers.

Tokenization enables CSI customers to fully participate with all leading mobile wallet providers, including the recently announced Apple Pay™ service, by creating a digital payment token to replace the consumer's personal account number (PAN). CSI customers also can provide their cardholders with enhanced security through the tokenization of the payment credentials.

"Ensuring that consumer data remains confidential and secure remains at the forefront of our mobile development priorities," said Steve Powless, CSI's chief executive officer. "This is just another step in our mobile payments strategy to bring advanced payment capabilities to banks of all sizes. We've recently launched enhanced mobile banking applications and several mobile services, including CSI's Social Payments Instant Network (SPIN), which provides person-to-person payments via mobile channels."

CSI's fully integrated payment and mobile banking services empower financial institutions to deliver a secure mobile commerce experience to consumers. Additional mobile card services include CSI's Card On/Off functionality, giving consumers greater control over their cards, and mobile remote deposit capture (RDC). Tokenization further complements the bank's security and risk management practices. CSI supplements tokenization with strong authentication programs, advanced card monitoring services and enterprisewide risk management services to provide comprehensive security on all CSI platforms.

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