AcceptEmail calls in Worldpay to power international e-billing

Source: Worldpay

Innovative e-bill payment provider AcceptEmail has selected Worldpay to power its international e-billing solutions.

AcceptEmail is the digital replacement for paper bills, reminders, bounced direct debits or payment plans. It allows consumers to pay their bills securely and directly from their e-mail inbox on a PC or notebook, tablet or smart phone. Real-time generated images convey the current bill status, resulting in an intuitive payment experience.

Worldpay's global payment capabilities and range of alternative payment types mean AcceptEmail customers are now able to pay using many of their preferred currency, language and payment methods, swiftly and simply.

Peter Kwakernaak, CEO of AcceptEmail, says: "Customers can pay an AcceptEmail bill with a wide range of online payment methods such as debit cards, credit cards, internet banking and e-wallets. Our solution makes it easy for customers to initiate a payment straight from an e-mail or mobile phone. This greatly increases the adoption for electronic billing. AcceptEmail speeds up payments, reduces costs for billing and is very user friendly. Our partnership with Worldpay increases our global customer reach with more than 230 alternative payment methods and major card types."

Kevin Dallas, Chief Product and Marketing Officer, Worldpay e-commerce, says: "The cross-border processing and global capability that Worldpay offers is hugely important to AcceptEmail's clients and consumers. Customers have a much improved experience when they're able to choose from a wide range of payment methods and currencies and businesses benefit from fast payments. Everyone wins." 

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