SoftSolutions! reports contract wins for nexRates

Source: SoftSolutions!

SoftSolutions!, a leading provider of Fixed Income trading platforms announces today, that two important London financial firms have selected nexRates for their Fixed Income market operations.

nexRates is SoftSolutions!’s most important business line, offering a fully integrated platform that will provide our London based customers with full access to major D2D and D2C venues. The platform includes a complete suite of pricing models for a wide range of bond types, market making and RFQ negotiation workflows, full pre and post trade integration processes and real-time integration with banks internal risk and P&L.

These back to back adoptions confirm the completeness of the product. Thanks to new functionalities such as an integrated risk and P&L matrix and the adoption of forefront technologies, nexRates provides an enhanced and intuitive front-end, rich in features. nexRates uses an open technology stack that is cost optimised and meets the requirements of modern financial firms such as banks, brokerages and market makers. NexRates offers ground-breaking real-time support technology, easy integration with existing systems and a straight-forward update process for IT teams to follow.

Michele Comi, Head of Sales, commented “We are very satisfied with nexRates success; we definitely expect further UK expansion and will continue improving our platform to satisfy our customers and capture new opportunities.”

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