JCB to adopt SAS Enterprise BI Server

Source: SAS

SAS, the leader in business intelligence, announced today that JCB Co. Ltd., a major Japanese credit card company, will adopt SAS Enterprise BI Server for its new credit management system.

The server will make it easier for JCB to conduct regular tracking and perform flexible adjustments to the company's credit model and strategy, thus closely connecting its credit management and management strategy while allowing executives to plan and act based on long-term profitability on a portfolio level. As a result, JCB expects a five percent year-on-year increase in its revenue.

JCB first implemented SAS in May 2002 when it started its "New Credit Management System Development" project, using SAS for data management, development and implementation of various credit models. The excellent outcomes of the project and SAS' services and reliability have led JCB to adopt SAS Enterprise BI Server in order to enhance its analysis and reporting environment for the new system.

Thanks to a reduction in time it takes to perform tasks ranging from analysis (model development) to system implementation, JCB is meeting strategic goals sooner. The new credit management system incorporating SAS Enterprise BI Server will dramatically shorten JCB's credit optimisation process cycle. With the new system, JCB will cut in half the time it takes the company to complete phases from analysis to strategy development and implementation. That process, which now requires six months, will take only three months using SAS.

Under the new system, analysis and reporting features will be separated from other features into an environment independent from the operating environment. This will allow unrestricted regular tracking of credit performance and development of the existing model, thus subsequently strengthening the effect of JCB's credit management strategy.

The new system will be available to strategists and company managers, allowing them access to necessary information when they need it. They will be able to use the system as an important tool to inform decision making.

JCB plans to fully adopt the newly enhanced system with SAS Enterprise BI Server by January 2006. In an effort to transform itself from a credit card company to a payment solution provider, JCB will continue to optimise its credit management, while developing credit management systems that provide new solution services for various financial companies.

SAS Enterprise BI Server, a major component of the SAS 9 Intelligence Platform, is a comprehensive business intelligence platform that empowers users at all levels across an organisation with targeted interfaces to support their individual needs and skills. SAS Enterprise BI Server provides a suite of BI functions including reporting, query and analysis, OLAP, integrated analytics, visualisation and integration with Microsoft Office environments.

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