Glory Global Solutions unveils in-branch transaction system

Source: Glory Global Solutions

Glory Global Solutions, the cash management experts, today announces TellerInfinity, a new in-branch transaction system, at its global customer conference, Engage.

TellerInfinity offers a unique combination of powerful features that transform the way traditional banking services are delivered in branch. A unique device that works across multiple internal banking networks, TellerInfinity performs all transactions that are often conducted by tellers, self-service machines, online and other self-service channels.

Glory worked with the world's top financial institutions to develop TellerInfinity, using their feedback as a basis for the product's innovative design features. In line with this feedback, the teller-counter experience is now in the customer's control; meaning the customer chooses how tellers support their transaction. Furthermore, TellerInfinity is able to perform complex transactions, such as mixed cheque and banknote deposits, exact change provision and "to-the-penny" bill payment to save customers and banks' time and resources.

Traditionally, branches are using self-service channels to encourage customers to take some transactions away from the teller counter. However, whilst convenient, customers are hesitant to conduct large, complex or multi-step transactions without the engagement and assurance of a bank teller.

This sentiment has been backed up by new research YouGov survey of 2347 UK consumers 8th - 9th May 2014 commissioned by Glory which examines customer attitudes towards self-service machines. 93% of respondents feel frustrated by self-service technology, with the most commonly cited reason for not using self-service machines found to be a preference to speak to a staff member. Other findings include:
• 31% of people never use self-service technology in their bank
• 30% of people say having a staff member on hand would make them more inclined to use self-service for more complex transactions, such as loan applications

Despite these clear customer frustrations, internal bank processes can limit which transactions can be completed by customers to, , for example, paying in cash only. Consequently, tellers' time, and much of a bank's total staff time, is used for completing routine transactions to ensure smooth customer service. To combat this challenge, TellerInfinity is designed as a "smarter" assisted-service device, which independently manages many multi-step transactions quickly, while still offering customers the staff support they require.

Mike Bielamowicz, Executive Vice President, at Glory Global Solutions says: "We're very excited to launch TellerInfinity, to help support the future of branch banking. The new product enables our customers to implement a number of dynamic and progressive service delivery models to meet today's constantly evolving market conditions. By integrating specific channels into one solution, TellerInfinity helps financial institutions manage customer transactions more quickly and efficiently, freeing up time for staff to dedicate to other customer service channels.

"TellerInfinity is testament to Glory's commitment to its customers, taking on their feedback and making it a reality. We look forward to showcasing TellerInfinity during our customer conference, Engage."

TellerInfinity is undergoing testing with banking customers around the world and will be available for general purchase in Q4 2014. Please contact your local Glory Global Solutions office for more details on availability. 

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