Kognitio and WhiteCross Systems to merge

Source: Kognitio

Two UK-based companies in the business intelligence and data migration markets today announced that they are merging organisations.

The new business will spearhead growth of high end business intelligence and platform rationalisation solutions and services in the UK.

Kognitio provides business intelligence, migration and data warehousing consultancy to companies in the Insurance, Telco, Retail and Financial Services sectors. WhiteCross has developed the first very high performance database management architecture to be available on non-proprietary hardware. The new company, to be called Kognitio, has financial backing from REDAC (CEO Fiona Timothy) funded itself largely by Alchemy (Managing Partner Jon Moulton), and Geoff Squire OBE (formerly of Oracle and Veritas).

Through backing this merger, the investors have paved the way for the first UK-based contender to gain significant share in the very high performance business intelligence market, generally the domain of US technology companies. Accelerating the technological breakthroughs made by both companies in the area of data warehousing and data migration, Kognitio will also shortly be launching a family of world-class solutions for managing and analysing large and complex data volumes.

The merger brings together a set of complementary products and services that will further strengthen Kognitio's offering in the high performance data analysis market. Companies are consolidating customer records, rationalising platforms and analysing pricing structures for millions of customers in order to improve their customer service and retention. There is a need for much greater capability to process and manage marketing campaigns, products and services, and customer profiles, which cannot be delivered effectively by most of the standard data warehousing solutions currently on the market.

The new business will deliver very high performance analysis on large volumes of data, at 10 - 60 times the speed of typical warehouses, but at a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) when compared to the life cycle cost of other options. The solutions will be augmented by Kognitio's expert consultancy services in data management and analysis, platform rationalisation, and managed services administered within focused Service Level based Agreements (SLA).

Jon Moulton, CEO of Alchemy Partners said, "The merger brings two profitable businesses to join together to give a concentration of expertise at the leading edge of database analysis. Impressive growth is enabled and expected." This sentiment was further endorsed by Fiona Timothy who said “Kognitio has a track record of success with corporate accounts."

Geoff Squire OBE said, "I have been investing in WhiteCross and the WX2 (pronounced WX two) product for some time, whilst watching the market mature. Companies are becoming increasingly reliant on data analysis to support customer relationship management and regulatory compliance. The inflection point demanding cost effective, high performance solutions has now arrived. The merger with Kognitio has given us the additional business expertise we need to build our solutions and products."

Roger Llewellyn, managing director of the new Kognitio comments, "The relationships between very high performance, ever more complex analysis, and data quality, is the key to providing solutions in our core markets of telecommunications, insurance and financial services. Kognitio has an excellent reputation for the management and migration of complex data, building successful business intelligence solutions, and managing client business intelligence environments. To combine and integrate those skills with the exceptionally high performance WhiteCross data warehouse product WX2 puts the new company right at the forefront of the industry."

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