UBank PFM app gets makeover for Android tablets

Source: UBank

The popular finance app, UBank is available to a wider audience of mobile device users. Now optimized for Intel Atom tablets for Android*, the recently updated application enables users to streamline financial transactions.

UBANK offers a variety of convenient options for users who want an all-in-one tool for managing money. Payments for thousands services with zero commission, lend, borrow and collect funds from friends, family and vendors. Create an invoice and send it to a single contact or to a group. Track all the expenditures with the beautiful designed charts.

The app's security protocols ensure that each user's financial data stays secure. Reliable data encryption offers high-level security for each transaction. Best of all, UBANK reduces financial vulnerabilities by limiting account exposure. When using tablets to make payments, users reduce the risk of their account information and credit card numbers falling into the wrong hands.

Now that UBANK is fully optimized for Android* tablets, it offers an even higher level of convenience. The powerful Intel Atom processors, portability and touch capabilities of these devices ensure that banking with the UBANK app is secure, fast and convenient. During the app's optimization for Android* tablets, the Intel Developer Zone offered guidance, Intel tools and resources.

"UBANK offers consumers more flexibility and security in conducting financial transactions," says Laura Ashizheva, CEO of uBank Mobile LTD. "Standing in line at the bank or handing a credit card to a stranger are obsolete practices now that users can handle their finances directly on their Android* tablets. The portability and interactive touch features of these devices only add to the app's convenience."

UBANK is available for immediate download at Google Play.

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