Skrill launches global payments suite for merchants

Source: Skrill

Leading digital payments company, Skrill, today announces the launch of its Global Payment Suite for merchants. The new platform gives transactional businesses access to enhanced credit and debit processing, plus a range of international alternative payment options all rolled into one solution.

Built for merchants looking to expand into international markets, the Skrill Global Payment Suite enables them to accept payments from customers across the world, in just one, easy integration.

Skrill's Global Payment Suite brings together Skrill Card Processing, Skrill Alternative Payments and the Skrill Digital Wallet into one package. It enables business to accept credit and debit card payments and multiple local payment methods, in 200 different countries and in 12 checkout languages, so that merchants can use the power of the Internet to do business wherever they choose.

Siegfried Heimgaertner, CEO of Skrill, comments, "The introduction of Skrill's Global Payment Suite supports merchants' need to offer choice and flexibility to their customers while also making sure that they have a simplified experience that enhances conversion and encourages loyalty. Skrill is breaking down the transactional boundaries that have previously been costly, complex and time consuming to overcome, enabling merchants to grow their business into new geographies, expanding their customer base and reducing risk associated with local economic climates."

The flexible integration and multiple payment options with low currency conversion costs means that merchants can provide a seamless payment experience for their customers. The Global Payment Suite features the Skrill Digital Wallet, which means that merchants can also benefit from Skrill's existing customer base of 36 million digital wallet account holders.

Built into the Global Payment Suite, the Skrill Merchant Portal delivers fully customisable reporting and reconciliation insights of all transactions and settlements. Equipped with powerful search functionality and filters, merchants can drill down to the relevant details of all of their transactions and easily share and control access permissions for their workforce, while those operating a number of businesses and accounts can access all via a sinsingle, central interface.

The Global Payment Suite includes robust security features, supported by Skrill's team of anti-fraud and security experts to constantly monitor transactions and take action on behalf of customers. Additionally, to securely process, transmit and store card data, Skrill is PCI DSS Level 1 certified and handles sensitive customer card details on its merchants' behalf.

Dr Tim Denison, head of retail intelligence at Ipsos Retail Performance, comments, "Just like shopping malls provided consumers all of their shopping needs in one place, the Internet puts it at their fingertips. Those wanting to shop and pay online are no longer limited by geographical boundaries and merchants need to respond to this in order to leverage the resulting growth potential. They must, however, be aware that consumers will not put up with a poor transactional experience and will click away if the going gets tough or confusing, so simplicity is key." 

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