Ukash teams up with Costa Rica's Alo Prepago

Source: Ukash

Leading global online cash payment provider, Ukash, is further strengthening its presence across the Americas through its partnership with one of Costa Rica's leading top-up providers, Alo Prepago.

The new strategic alliance extends the accessibility of Ukash, complementing the brand's already strong presence across North, South and now Central America.

Offering prepaid cards, virtual prepaid cards, top-ups and electronic PINs the ALO PREPAGO network encompasses over 12,000 terminals in Costa Rica which covers key destinations across the country including San Jose. Available in pharmacies, convenience stores and supermarkets, ALO PREPAGO is already helping consumers to order or pay for goods and services across physical or online environments interchangeably.

The new partnership between ALO PREPAGO and Ukash means Costa Rican consumers keen to shop in US markets will be able to pay and play online more easily than ever before. Ukash vouchers can be purchased at the network of ALO PREPAGO outlets across the country - with an initial roll-out across 400 stores nationwide.

Ukash vouchers are available in denominations of 20$, 50$ and 100$.

"Thanks to ALO PREPAGO's national network of terminals, Costa Rican's can now access Ukash, offering them another way to pay online and make purchases in the United States through the internet, without having to provide any personal information," explained James Allum, Chief Commercial Officer, Ukash.

"This partnership supports our commitment to helping more people enjoy the benefits of online shopping and payments, regardless of whether they have a bank account or not. ALO PREPAGO customers can simply walk into their local convenience store, supermarket or pharmacy to exchange cash and coins for Ukash voucher which can then be used directly at thousands of websites worldwide."

Gilberto Hernandez, President of ALO PREPAGO added: "Ukash shares our focus on consumer empowerment, giving them more ways to pay. Supporting our network of top-up locations, this strategic partnership will ensure ALO PREPAGO continues to meet consumer needs. The strength of the Ukash brand means i it's a service our customers can trust, providing Costa Rican's with a new way to pay online for famous brands worldwide - but particularly in the US."

Ukash is the global e-commerce cash payment method that enables consumers around the world to use cash to shop, pay and play online safely, securely and conveniently. Developed to protect personal identity and financial information when making online transactions, reducing the threat of credit and debit card fraud for consumers, Ukash has no age limit, so consumers of all ages can make the most of safe payment online. This makes it a valuable alternative payment method for online retailers who want to reach the widest possible audience.

Ukash codes are purchased with cash in retail outlets such as shops, petrol stations and kiosks. The unique 19 digit codes can then be used to pay directly on any of the thousands of websites that accept Ukash transactions worldwide, or loaded onto prepaid cards and e-wallets. 

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