Novum Bank goes live on Carta payment processing platform

Source: Carta Worldwide

Next-generation transaction technology provider Carta Worldwide announced today that Germany's Novum Bank is now live on Carta's processing platform.

Carta is providing Novum with a fully configurable and customizable platform that delivers unparalleled efficiency, stability and security.

As of today, Novum Bank has switched its entire prepaid card portfolio over to Carta's next-gen global transaction processor. Traditionally the process of migrating an entire card portfolio to a new processor would require significant time and cost. However with Carta's technology, Novum completed the processor transition seamlessly within a week with no service disruption for cardholders, who are able to retain existing plastics.

Novum Bank CEO Michael Warrington noted, "Novum Bank selected Carta Worldwide after an intensive selection process because it felt that Carta could service its growing business requirements. Novum looked for a partner that is reliable and had the expertise to match our long term business vision."

Carta CEO Brian Semkiw commented, "Novum is a very important client for us. The speed with which Novum and Carta were able to migrate from a legacy processor -- to complete this entire process in days -- is far from standard in the industry. We look forward to continuing to deliver market leading solutions with Novum, along with technology innovation for the next wave of mobile and digital payment products."

Carta's platform has been engineered to leverage its clients' existing infrastructure and evolve to meet the complexities of modern payment applications. This platform architecture is both mobile and digital transaction ready. Carta's future-proof functionality enables ongoing program innovation for Novum Bank. 

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Lee Britton
Lee Britton - Prepaid Financial Services (PFS) - London 29 May, 2014, 17:07Be the first to give this comment the thumbs up 0 likes

This definitely isnt the industry norm for a data or card migration.  That can usually be measured in months, not days.  The article doesnt say how many cards were migrated or whether the transaction history was migrated (or just the balances) but moving the end point for settlement and a migration in days is pretty remarkable.

It would be interesting to know how large a migration this is/was I guess.