SunGard ships Investran private equity tech

Source: SunGard

SunGard announces the launch of Investran 7, Data Exchange and Insight to provide better data transparency and reporting for general partners (GPs), limited partners (LPs), fund of funds managers, family offices and service providers.

By streamlining the management of information throughout a private equity (PE) firm, the new solutions connect front, middle and back-office operations, help improve overall data management and deliver operational efficiencies to the organization. Firms will also benefit from customizable, intuitive interfaces that help provide further flexibility on how information is delivered to stakeholders internally and externally, including investors and regulators.

Investran's new solutions will help improve growth and performance by empowering front and middle-office personnel with investment performance data, historical trends, and analysis. Delivered as a managed service, Investran's Insight provides transparency and advanced reporting capabilities by giving LPs detailed capital account analysis and interactive reporting on investment details.

"Regardless of private equity firm type, access to timely and accurate information on a portfolio is critical to understanding exposures and risks, and measuring performance. Effective data management provides a strong foundation not only for reporting but also informed, intelligent investment decisions.Our Investran 7, Data Exchange and Insight solutions support crucial decision-making with integrated systems and timely information, helping to deliver performance and growth for private equity firms." - Lauren Iaslovits, chief operating officer, Investran, SunGard 

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