ITG introduces mobile trading cost app

Source: ITG

ITG, a leading execution and research broker, today announced the launch of its first mobile application, Liquidity Metrics, and its first cost index, the ITG Trading Cost Index.

The index provides daily transaction cost numbers across multiple regions and nearly 100 categories to help portfolio managers and traders understand trading costs on a daily basis. The application also displays quarterly historical data over a five-year period, including average commission and price impact history.

"Liquidity Metrics is a powerful, easy-to-use application providing high-level data on a next-day or historical basis," said Ian Domowitz, ITG Managing Director and Head of Analytics. "The availability via both a web and mobile application makes ITG's Trading Cost Index a valuable tool for institutional investors who want to quickly check trading costs across sectors or regions."

The ITG Trading Cost Index is based on the proprietary ITG Peer Database, comprised of historical institutional trading activity from more than 175 of the largest global buy-side institutions and covering approximately 20% of global institutional trading volume. The peer database powers ITG TCA(R) and the ITG Peer Analysis(R) suite of products, an activity-based ranking system that groups and compares orders with similar characteristics and market conditions to provide performance ranking for clients. 

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