M&A game app comes to Android

Source: ansarada

Pioneering virtual data room provider ansarada today launched the Android version of its world-first M&A Game app that has already proved a global hit since its initial release for iOS devices last month.

In less than two months since it first arrived in the app store, the ansarada M&A Game has attracted more than 9,500 active users playing almost 100,000 sessions, with total screen views amounting to 7.2 million. The game has built up a truly global fan base: not only is it highly popular in the USA, UK, Canada, Europe and Australia, it has also collected a strong following in countries as diverse as India, Indonesia and even Russia.

The release of the Android version has come in response to demands from users of non-iOS devices, keen to join colleagues, friends and rivals already addicted to the game.

ansarada CEO, Sam Riley, said: "We decided to design and build an app to provide some escapist fun for the whole M&A community, anywhere in the world, and we've been blown away by the amazing response to the game so far.

"It's great we can now get Android users on board alongside the thousands of M&A dealmakers who've been enjoying the game on iOS."

Designed to test the deal-making skills of investment bankers, analysts, lawyers, accountants - or anyone with an interest in the cut and thrust of mergers and acquisitions - the ansarada M&A Game creates M&A scenarios where role-playing gamers pit their business wits against hostile sellers and fiercely competitive bidders.

Players create their own customized avatar, and choose a name for their corporation.

They then start building their empire with a portfolio of companies from across industry sectors by buying, selling or merging, and along the way amass a fortune to get onto the coveted leader board ahead of colleagues and competitors in Australia, and around the world.

"In the weeks since we launched the M&A Game, there's been intense competition among players to get onto the leader board," Riley said.

"Now that Android users can play, we're sure we'll see that competition ramp up even more."

Features of the ansarada M&A Game include:
• Create your own avatar and corporate empire
• Buy, sell and merge corporations across nine major industry sectors
• Build your team of investment bankers, lawyers and accountants
• Use data rooms for due diligence
• Negotiate deals with the competition using flattery, haggling...or even bullying
• Get financial reports on target companies
• Deal with unexpected market scenarios positively and negatively impacting revenue, profit and company value
• Build a portfolio and get onto the M&A Game leader board, updated in real time on the app

The ansarada M&A Game is available for all iOS and Android devices, and is available for free download on the app store and on Google Play. 

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