PayPal rolls out mobile SDK to global developer community

Source: PayPal

In November, we announced Uber was the first developer to integrate our new mobile SDK. We're excited to share that starting Monday, February 24, Uber will offer PayPal as a payment option to its UK users and our mobile SDK will be generally available to developers in more than 30 markets

Our new mobile SDK builds on our belief that developers need the freedom to innovate for customers, instead of worrying about the complexities with payments.

With our new mobile SDK, developers can get key features such as:

Future payments: Once customers link their PayPal account to the developers' app, they don't have to login to their account every time they want to pay with PayPal.
Native user experience: Developers can provide a seamless payments experience so that their customers aren't redirected to another page to pay with PayPal.
Accept credit cards and PayPal*: For developers, it's also one simple integration to accept both PayPal and credit card payments in their app.

As the largest, most trusted global payments company around the globe, we believe nobody can grow with a developer's business the way that PayPal can. With 143 million active accounts in 193 markets and 26 currencies around the world, PayPal enables global commerce, processing more than nine million payments each day. And, we do it securely so that developers don't need to worry about managing complex issues like fraud or compliance requirements.

Over the past year we've driven innovation across the payments industry, including making it easier for developers to innovate, drive disruption and expand globally. Last year, we doubled down on our developer program to not only make it easier and faster for developers to accept PayPal, but to also demonstrate how important the developer community is to us.

A year ago, we migrated a few of our APIs to REST, making it easier for U.S. developers to accept PayPal. Today, a majority of our APIs are built on REST, available globally and no longer Beta, including Payment, Authorization, Capture, Void, Refund, so that developers around the world can take full advantage of PayPal's capabilities. We also redesigned the PayPal Developer site and our sandbox so that developers can find the tools, documentation and resources they need queed quickly.

In 2013, we also kicked off our first-ever global hackathon competition, Battle Hack, and created the first startup program at PayPal — Startup Blueprint — to help developers succeed and grow. But, what we were most excited about was that we welcomed Braintree into the PayPal family last year.

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