China Systems to update Rabobank trade finance services platform

Source: China Systems

China Systems (USA and Canada) Inc. has announced plans to partner with Rabobank International-Americas to migrate Rabobank's existing Customer Access Processing System (C.A.P.S.) to the newly developed Customer Enterprise system.

Shawn Fell, Rabobank International's Head of Information Systems and Development in New York, said, "By working closely with China Systems on the development of this exciting new technology, Rabobank will continue to provide its customers with industry-leading trade finance solutions."

Using the advanced J2EE platform, Customer Enterprise delivers full trade finance services to bank customers in real time using browser-based technology, and utilizes all the facilities and standards that the J2EE platform provides. An important benefit of the Customer Enterprise system is that no software or database maintenance is required on a customer's website. This fully functional customer front-end solution is cross-platform and supports a wide variety of relational databases, which enables greater flexibility in choosing the correct platform to fit their technological needs.

China Systems is proud of its long-standing relationship with Rabobank and the continuing development of innovative trade finance solutions.

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