China Construction Bank implements NCR Dynamic eLock Management tech in Beijing branch

Source: NCR

NCR Corporation, the global leader in consumer transaction technologies, announced that China Construction Bank (CCB) Beijing branch has recently implemented NCR Dynamic eLock Management solution, an automated teller machine (ATM) electronic key management solution specifically designed for the China market.

The Dynamic eLock Management Solution restricts the access to an ATM's safe to only authorized users with an IC (integrated chip) smart key and a one-time password. The software solution will help the bank improve the related risks, efficiency and costs issues brought by traditional manual ATM locks during cash replenishment and while conducting service maintenance.

In the past, CCB Beijing branch used to deploy mechanical password locks where each lock was required to pair up with a mechanical key and password. The manual dissemination and management of the keys and passwords has generated high operational costs during cash replenishment and carrying out service maintenance at the ATMs. In addition, risks and costs were involved at the time of password change and key storage.

Electronic smart keys embedded with IC cannot be read without authorization, which can eliminate the risk of key replication. In addition, it is no longer necessary to change safe box lock password regularly, which has relieved a significant amount of work for bank staff. In the event of staff shift change, the bank only needs to change the setting on the system without having to go onsite and reset the password of a particular ATM maintained by that staff. The solution also generates a comprehensive journal and analysis report, offering bank management a transparent view of the process, as well as an immediate understanding of the entire system's operation.

"The management of ATM safe box key and password has become a focus of concern from banks in China. The traditional manual ATM lock and password management model can no longer meet the compliance needs for mitigating the risks of centralized management," said Gary Miao, president of NCR Greater China for Financial Services. "We are excited in helping CCB Beijing Branch to deploy the Dynamic eLock Management solution. This solution can help more banks in China increase their security management and save costs, making their life easier while replenishing cash and carrying out maintenance on ATMs." 

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