Pay.On and Arvato team up to develop payment method management tech

Source: PAY.ON

Pay.On, the worldwide leading provider of omnichannel, web-based payment infrastructure systems, and arvato infoscore, a key global player in the field of integrated financial services, have jointly developed active payment method management with dedicated risk protection during the checkout process.

Retailers of all sizes can automatically incorporate payment methods that comply with country-specific requirements into their payment pages. The checkout solution also includes direct access to more than 130 international payment methods. In addition, this innovation ensures that only risk-adequate payment methods are dynamically shown to different predefined customer risk groups. An intelligent and adaptive customer rating continuously reduces the risk of payment defaults to a minimum for PSPs and their merchants. These two payment parameters complement one another perfectly and jointly contribute to a significant increase in conversion rates.

The joint venture solution comprises the core areas of expertise of both PAY.ON and arvato infoscore. PAY.ON provides the active payment method solution, including direct access to its global payment network. Incoming cash flows are then rated in terms of risk by arvato infoscore on the basis of the risk management fulfilment solution 'risk solution services'. The interplay is organised by an interface specially developed by PAY.ON. The solution is used and implemented via the PAY.ON payment platform. This all results in country-specific, shopper-optimised payment processes backed up by income-optimised risk management. PSPs and ISOs can individually customise the solution to meet the specific requirements of their merchants. In addition, far from being rigid, the joint venture solution is adaptive with regard to risk management. Fraud and chargebacks can consequently be kept to a minimum for the merchant on the basis of payment track records, shopping cart information and external credit rating data. The solution also includes the processing of optimisation suggestions, analysis of order irregularities, and continuous analysis of the problems of all the systems involved in the risk management process.

Markus Rinderer, CEO of PAY.ON AG, says: "This joint venture solution allows PSPs and merchants to benefit from cutting-edge payment technology and therefore improves their position in both the national and international competitive fields in terms of conversion rates and risk protection. To this end, PAY.ON turns complex technology and requirements into simple solutions comprising all the aspects of modern-day omnichannel payments and risk management - including simple implementation, intuitive operation and instant connectivity to more than 300 payment service providers all over the world."

Kai Kalchthaler, head of risk management at arvato infoscore, adds: "This omnichannel strategy allows retailers to professionally handle their risk management, fraud prevention, sophisticated decision logic, payment method management, limit management and payment processing using just one user interface. The retailer can comprehensively rate customers thanks to the right mix of relevant and exclusive data sources from arvato infoscore, combined with historical customer information (order, payment and dunning history)." 

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