Xenomorph integrates Aqumin AlphaVision into TimeScape

Source: Xenomorph

Xenomorph, the analytics and data management solutions provider to global financial institutions, announced today that it has integrated Aqumin's AlphaVision™ visual landscape environment with Xenomorph's TimeScape.

The partnership enables users to define, analyze and store data as interactive three-dimensional (3-D) landscapes based on multi-sourced data and analytics in TimeScape. Using the capabilities of AlphaVision™, users can visualize and interpret large, multi-dimensional datasets and quickly identify points or regions of particular interest. Leveraging the Aqumin SDK, the integration also enables users to navigate and drill down from points on a landscape directly to further visual landscapes, or back to the specific dataset in TimeScape.

"Aqumin's 3-D visual landscapes offer new levels of data insight and interactivity that are directly applicable to all areas of trade, risk and data quality analysis," said Brian Sentance, Chief Executive Officer, Xenomorph. "Illustrating the multi-dimensional capabilities of AlphaVision™, one of the TimeScape data quality landscapes can show color indicating the number of flat spots, base area proportional to the data spikes observed and height relating to the number of gaps in the data, for each instrument's price or rate history. A user can start with a large instrument universe and quickly zoom in to a particular instrument, and optionally select to see further visualizations along any metric of interest. We have also built other examples looking at index analysis, performance attribution and price behavior during market crashes. "

"Integrating Xenomorph TimeScape's multi-sourced data and analytics management with our AlphaVision™ solution is an extremely powerful combination," commented Michael Zeitlin, Chief Executive Officer, Aqumin. "In a time where regulatory and compliance requirements are driving clients to consume and manage more and more data, the combination of TimeScape with the visual landscape capabilities of AlphaVision™ enables clients to identify data issues and opportunities faster than ever before." 

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