WorldPay US gets Discover EMV certification

Source: WorldPay US

WorldPay US, a leading payments acquirer, is pleased to announce it has successfully completed each card payment network's EMV certification requirements with its recent Discover EMV payment processing certification.

The Discover EMV certification along with the earlier completion of VISA, MasterCard and American Express certifications, further reinforces WorldPay's ability to assist its current and prospective clients with the inevitable migration to chip cards in the US.

"To obtain each certification, our IT teams worked closely with the card payment networks and leveraged our security infrastructure to prepare our system for EMV," said Tony Catalfano, President and CEO of WorldPay US. "By taking these necessary steps toward EMV chip card acceptance as well as ongoing internal EMV preparations we are strengthening our ability to help customers protect their business - and their customers -from the potentially devastating effects of card fraud."

EMV refers to "chip cards" encrypted with the EuroPay, MasterCard and VISA security standard. When a card is inserted into an EMV-capable point of sale device, the embedded chip dynamically creates a unique security code for one-time use. That code is sent to the payment processors along with other transaction data providing an extra layer of protection en route. Additionally, EMV cards may also require the entry of the cardholder's unique PIN (Personal Identification Number), based on the card issuer's requirements. 

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