JCB licenses Experian-Scorex credit risk decisioning system

Source: Experian-Scorex

JCB, a leading international payment brand, has announced that it is partnering with Experian the global information solutions company, and will implement Experian-Scorex's Probe SM solution into in its credit card environment.

The solution will provide increased customer management support for JCB's credit card portfolio.

"We are very pleased to have chosen Experian for their international experience and leading expertise in credit risk management solutions," said Shinobu Sugihara, general manager, Risk Management & Planning Department, JCB Co., LTD. "Combining Experian's local team in Tokyo with their global expertise, we know that they will be able to add significant value at every stage of the project.

"We are an international card brand and have more than 40 years of experience in the credit card industry. Probe SM will help us achieve our business objectives to respond to optimize the balance between credit growth and credit risk. The Probe SM system gives us a dynamic and integrated customer view to respond to customers' needs and monitor and report more efficiently and effectively than before. Our aim is to be proactive and provide a service of high level quality to our customers within a global network. It may also be possible for us to offer credit risk modeling and analysis services to our franchise issuers in the near future."

Probe SM will allow JCB to analyze and make changes to its credit strategies in half the current time. This is due to the flexibility and the desk top user control of the solution. The solution also allows for simulation of strategies, and it is a major leap forward from current systems for control, analysis and monitoring of credit risk strategies enabling greater speed-to-market implementation.

Probe SM is part of Experian-Scorex's Strategy Management(SM) suite of products, and used by more than 600 clients in 60 countries. It allows business users in the retail banking, credit card, retail finance and telecommunication sectors to manage their credit risk and customer management processes effectively. Probe SM is the most advanced behavioral scoring, segmentation, portfolio analysis and strategy development system available today. The easy-to-use tools allow lenders to understand their portfolios more completely, and to manage the customer relationship and related activities.
Probe SM's components can include:

  • Behavioral scoring for a complete range of business objectives, including risk, attrition and product propensity
  • Control of lending facilities tailored for each customer
  • Tailored and improved customer service
  • Improved cross-sell & up-sell
  • Safe techniques for controlled experimentation and innovation
  • Rapid implementation of changes in strategy

"We are very pleased that JCB has chosen Experian to provide its credit risk and customer management and reporting solutions," said Walt Ramsey, president, Experian-Scorex Americas. "We aim to provide the best possible support to JCB through our local and regional teams combined with our global expertise to enhance and fully customize the solution. We are fully committed to the Japanese market and to ensuring that this is the beginning of a long term relationship."

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