Turkish bank Yapi Kredi deploys Kobil application security tech

Source: Kobil

Kobil, specialist in the provision of IT security solutions for the financial industry, has added a completely new dimension to its deep-rooted cooperation with Yapi Kredi, which is one of the oldest Turkish banks.

The Innovative and modular platform technology "Application Security Technology (AST)", which will be integrated into Yapi Kredi's IT infrastructure within the scope of cooperation, will allow Yapi Kredi 's customers to perform their banking operations in a more secure environment than ever before. Furthermore the Bank will provide its customers with KOBIL mIDentity mini as well as KOBIL OTP technology.

Within the scope of its cooperation with KOBIL, which is a manufacturer and developer of innovative technologies in the area of data security and digital identity, Yapi Kredi will utilize Application Security Technology (AST), presented by KOBIL especially for mobile platforms (iOS, Android). The AST solution offers a foundation that increases the level of customer security on all alternative channels such as mobile banking, Internet banking, ATMs and telephone banking.
Yapi Kredi will gear up its security infrastructure with next-generation technology

The main difference of the AST solution, which ensures security of operations at numerous banks abroad, the large majority of shares being in Swiss and German banks, from its counterparts, is that it automatically performs the majority of security operations thus providing the utmost convenience for the end user. In addition to two-factor authentication, the AST solution secures the banks' websites and mobile applications with a software security layer. Thus the customers will not encounter the risk of cyber-attack whilst performing operations even on public computers and smart phones not equipped with firewall software.

KOBIL's solution, designed to work on all platforms and devices including iPhones, iPads, Android and Windows 8 PCs, automatically ensures security, thus eliminating the end user's possible concerns and greatly benefiting the banks through increased customer satisfaction. The solution, which has developed a defense mechanism against future threats with remote & secure updating feature, will be available to Yapi Kredi's customers by the end of the current year.

With the SSMS Server of KOBIL, Yapi Kredi will integrate additional KOBIL products such as the KOBIL OTP technology SecOVID für customers in Azerbaijan and mIDentity mini for customers in Holland.

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