Spire to supply bluetooth mPOS devices for Credit Agricole Smart TPE project

Source: Spire Payments

In an ever growing mPOS market Spire Payments announced today its role as the sole supplier of mobile Chip & PIN payment devices for the Credit Agricole's national mPOS project known as Smart TPE.

This collaboration is intended to help bring to market a Credit Agricole payment offering that addresses the new expectations and changing behaviour of merchants and consumers who, increasingly armed with smart phones able to access high speed mobile networks, are heavily influenced by the internet and seek to have a similar merchant shopping and payment experience. Smart TPE is an innovative mobile payment solution enabling mobile merchants to complete transactions quickly and in a highly secure environment. 

The solution is based on two components: a smart phone application that can be down-loaded from the AppStore or Google Play and the Spire Payments Bluetooth-based PosMate Smart mPOS device.  With this solution, the Credit Agricole now provides a complete set of payment services targeting merchants that are highly mobile. With the announcement of this key customer success in France, the Bluetooth-based PosMate Smart, the best-selling mPOS device that was the first, in 2012, to be PCI SRED certified, imposes itself as the "must have" device for companies wanting to participate in the rapidly expanding mPOS market. Kazem Aminaee, CEO of Spire Payments, stated « mPOS solutions are becoming vital to a bank's relationship with its customers and the stakes are high as we witness a digitialization of the entire payment value chain. 

As suppliers of payment solutions, we follow closely our customers' changing expectations with respect to payment devices while maintaining a strong focus on the highest security standards for the protection of merchant data.  The selection of Spire Payments by the Credit Agricole underscores our goal to become the market leader in mPOS at a time when mobile commerce is the payment industry's single most important catalyst for growth." Stéphane Vallois, Managing Director of CA Paiement added "the choice of mPOS devices was based not only on our technical and security imperatives but also on our mobile merchants' expectations and those of their customers.  The Spire Payments PosMate Smart is currently the only device to meet these two conditions."

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