UL certifies first Mifare card

Source: UL

UL is proud to announce that its Mifare Test Center focused on the functional certification of Mifare product implementations has certified its first Mifare Classic card.

UL's MIFARE Test Center opened its doors in July and offers functional certification services for all current and future MIFARE product family members, including MIFARE Classic, MIFARE Plus® as well as MIFARE DESFire®. Today, UL has certified the very first MIFARE Classic card, which paves the way for future certification, which will lift interoperability issues and enhance time-to-market.

"The certification of the first MIFARE Classic card marks a significant milestone for UL specifically and for MIFARE card testing in general. Testing performed by UL ensures that the card under test has the correct functional requirements specified by NXP's Interface Specification. We are pleased to have the very first card certified, which will ensure interoperability and trust in the market," commented Dirk Jan van den Heuvel, Managing Director of UL Transaction Security.

The UL MIFARE Test Center will guarantee interoperability across 3rd party MIFARE implementations in an increasingly global multi-vendor environment. Whilst this certification is not mandatory, it will certainly help to avoid the potential occurrence of interoperability issues in the field at MIFARE installations in public transport, access management, event ticketing, loyalty and micropayments. More importantly, the certification will not cause any additional delay in the development time of MIFARE enabled products; on the contrary, it will speed up the time to market. 

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