Northpoint upgrades EPM portfolio management system

Source: NorthPoint Financial

NorthPoint Financial, a leading provider of software solutions and services for Hedge Funds, Asset Managers, and related Investment Management firms, continues to enhance its offerings and innovate to better serve clients.

NorthPoint Financial announced the release of NorthPoint EPM 2.0 - Enhanced Portfolio Management System, which will increase efficiency and performance in operations, portfolio management, pricing, and trading.

To meet the increased demand from investment management professionals for sophisticated portfolio management capabilities, EPM 2.0 provides improved performance, and scalability, while offering a whole host of new functionality including an upgraded Price Master, expanded functionality for hedging and netting consolidated positions, upgraded reporting including secure mobile reporting, and more standard integrations with industry standard service providers.

The enhancements to NorthPoint Financial's EPM 2.0 include:

Price Master Upgrade: 

  • The ability to create an automated rules-based waterfall for pricing securities enables Operations' professionals to quickly and accurately mark their portfolios. NorthPoint Financial's Price Master integrates with the leading market data providers (e.g. Bloomberg, IDC, Markit, Thomson Reuters), resulting in a more streamlined process and provides a faster, more accurate picture of the portfolio and position values.
  • Pricing to a model. Price modification and hypothetical modeling provides portfolio managers with immediate feedback on the impact to P&L and exposures. Having the ability to run different pricing scenarios on a portfolio, especially when a fund is trading complex asset types, allows the manager to make quicker and better investment decisions.

Knowledge Dates: Knowledge Date functionality added into EPM 2.0 enables managers to view what their position and other data looked like on a given reporting date. This allows managers to retrieve a snapshot of the underlying data that was used to generate import reports, such as regulatory and fund performance, for investors based on the date the reports were published. This "look-back" capability is important because without it, changes to historical data (from something as simple as a cancel/correct trade) would prevent managers from validating and reproducing the published reports.

Consolidated Position View: Every Portfolio Management System provides a view of a manager's positions. However, this is not enough for managing today's assets and strategies.  Managers want to combine individual securities into a single netted position, while they are looking at netted exposures for a strategy or the financing and FX hedging that they want to trade with an asset. NorthPoint Financial's EPM 2.0 now has ability to link multiple positions and pivot them into a single new position with a drilldown into the underlying taxlots. This functionality allows managers to make better and quicker decisions on how to finance, hedge, and manage risk across a strategy that is comprised of different securities, liabilities and asset types.

Secure Mobile Reporting: The emergence of mobile technology is pushing firms to update their user interfaces and extend their solutions across different platforms. NorthPoint Financial's clients use new technology that does not require them to have their own infrastructure to handle different reporting requirements for mobile devices. NorthPoint Financial now offers a secure, scalable native-app platform that works with existing legacy systems which is easy for clients to implement and use. Reporting on a mobile device becomes an extension of the firm's operations without the cost or headache of development or reliance on service providers.

Enhanced Reporting: EPM 2.0 delivers more standard reports and provides greater flexibility for users to quickly create custom reports. NorthPoint Financial users are taking advantage of a new selection of pre-formatted and customizable templates that have been added to the system.

Expanded Standard Integrations: EPM 2.0 offers expanded and updated standard integrations with different market data, accounting systems, risk systems, Prime Brokers, Fund Administrators, and execution management systems for faster implementation and flexibility for funds to add or change their infrastructures.

"We are thrilled to release EPM 2.0 based on the feedback from our clients, our partners and the NorthPoint Financial team. This release will help our current and future clients have the greatest marketplace efficiencies and best platform on which to manage their investments.  The success of our users and the ease with which they adopt NorthPoint Financial's platform is a testament to the innovative ideas offered by thought leaders in the industry that we count ourselves privileged to work with each day," said Mike Molaro, Managing Partner, NorthPoint Financial.

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