Activ Financial upgrades market-data content platform

Source: Activ Financial

Activ Financial, a global provider of real-time, multi-asset financial market data and solutions, today announced the launch of its next generation market data content platform that will enable firms to dramatically reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) for enterprise deployment of real time market data services.

Rising global market data volumes have forced many firms on an upgrade treadmill to enable their legacy market data infrastructure to manage growing capacity requirements. The result has led to higher infrastructure, support and license costs at lower performance and quality of service levels, at a time when many firms are struggling to eliminate costs.

ACTIV's new content platform, ActivContentPlatform 2.0, utilizes Solarflare's FPGA technology in its Market Data Processing Unit (MPU) Gen3 to improve throughput performance and system latency while enabling a significant reduction in supporting infrastructure requirements that lowers total cost of market data platform ownership.

The 2.0 release doubles the message rate throughput processing capacity of the previous solution to over 20 million messages per second. It also reduces system latency to under 20 microseconds for value add data sets, and can cut legacy market data infrastructure footprint by up to 90 percent. The platform will support the full breadth of ACTIV's market data content from more than 200 exchanges globally.

ACTIV's content platform and its components are engineered to future proof today's real-time data systems with predictable and built-in capacity to support anticipated message rate increases. The 2.0 release does not require an upgrade to a new API. ACTIV's performance enhancements are implemented on the existing hardware to streamline the upgrade process and ensure that users get the full value out of their existing technology infrastructure.

"The industry is ready for a market data solution that improves performance, cuts costs and offers a clear advantage over legacy systems of the past and present," said Mike Dunne, ACTIV Financial's Chief Technology Officer. "We're now looking to the latest hardware acceleration and general CPU technology to provide our clients with outstanding throughput capacity and performance in the most cost efficient way."

ACTIV's cutting edge market data technology is live and in production and is available to financial services firms looking to reduce the cost of their market data services. ACTIV will begin rolling out the new offering to current users in November with no interruption in service or required API upgrades. 

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