Citicom ships multi-device data capture compliance tool

Source: Citicom

Citicom Solutions, a total communications business focused on financial services organizations globally, today announced the launch of Citicom Assure, a product designed to provide proactive, real-time analysis of data, including instant messages (IMs), emails, text messages and mobile- and fixed-voice recordings.

Citicom Assure captures, stores and analyzes all internal data and flags unusual activity, keywords, inappropriate terms and emotional sentiment in real time.

Today's financial services industry is dealing with two major obstacles: the barrage of compliance requirements and rebuilding their brand reputations in light of recent, high-publicized scandals. Considering these issues, it is shocking that most financial organizations are still sitting on dead or dormant data, which can add inordinate value by helping them stay one-step ahead of compliance requirements and improve their brand perceptions. Today, when called upon by regulators for even a simple inquiry, organizations essentially reconstruct a data jigsaw puzzle - it's timely, expensive and inaccurate to say the least. This captured data can also be used to help financial organizations rebuild their reputations by incorporating an additional a level of analytics, transparency and oversight to day-to-day operations.

Citicom Assure was designed in response to increased regulatory pressures and the crisis of trust on Wall Street. Consisting of three parts - information capture, storage and replay and analytics and alerting - Citicom Assure is a highly secure, non-disruptive technology that brings value to voice and text data. With a single interface for data interrogation and real-time analysis of data elements, Citicom Assure provides measurable improvements to business efficiency, offers Dodd-Frank compliance and helps banks be more transparent and proactive to improve their damaged reputations.
• Information Capture: Citicom Assure captures all data elements, including fixed- and mobile-voice recordings, emails, IMs, Short Message Services (SMS) and BlackBerry Messenger (BBM).
• Storage and Replay: Citicom Assure provides high-quality stereo voice playback and full trade reconstruction immediately.
• Analytics and Alerting: Citicom Assure's proactive, real-time alerting provides emotional behaviorior reporting, trading reports and voice recognition, and flags unusual activities, keywords and phrases in real time.

"To put it simply, financial services organizations need to clean up their act," said Mark Whiteman, co-founder, Citicom Solutions. "This is not just a compliance issue, but a moral issue; they need to do what's right and bring a level of trust back to Wall Street. Citicom Assure unlocks your data's potential in that it turns a static pile of information into a valuable asset. We are currently working with tier-one banks to help them not only be Dodd-Frank compliant, but also aggressively work toward bringing trust back to finance. It is only a matter of time before other financial institutions follow suit."

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