SunGard launches WealthStation CompAct financial planning tech

Source: SunGard

SunGard has launched WealthStation CompAct, a new financial planning solution that gives advisors the ability to produce results-based, holistic financial plans quickly, simply and interactively.

By addressing eight popular financial planning concepts using charts and summary tables, WealthStation CompAct helps advisors take comprehensive action by simplifying complex information and making financial plans more meaningful to the client.

“With increasing competition and a drive toward greater efficiency and productivity, advisors need to differentiate themselves by offering comprehensive and client-friendly financial plans that help clients quickly understand how to achieve prioritized goals. At the same time, financial advisors are looking to extend the financial planning experience to more clients, and do so efficiently, consistently and profitably. SunGard’s WealthStation CompAct addresses multiple planning concepts at a simple level of user interactivity, helping advisors prioritize multiple client goals and streamline the plan-creation process.” - Jennifer Valdez, senior vice president & general manager, SunGard’s wealth & retirement administration business

“WealthStation CompAct is a unique financial planning application that enables advisors to develop a basic comprehensive financial plan efficiently, in collaboration with clients. The solution’s usability should allow wealth management firms to grow adoption of financial planning among advisors who have traditionally resisted providing this service due to the complexity of the software tools available. The tool’s integration with SunGard's sophisticated financial planning application, WealthStation Financial Planning, gives firms the flexibility to adapt to changing client needs as they grow in complexity.” - Sophie Schmitt, senior analyst, Aité Group

WealthStation CompAct gives advisors of varying levels of experience the ability to select from the following financial planning concepts in order to produce a basic-level yet comprehensive plan:&aplan:&ncomprehensive plan:  financial statements, financial priorities, retirement planning, asset allocation, life insurance, education funding, cash/debt management, and accumulation planning.

Although it is compatible with other WealthStation Financial Planning modules, WealthStation CompAct is a single, stand-alone application. For use by advisors or in collaboration with clients, WealthStation CompAct helps advisors achieve rapid growth by redefining and strengthening their client relationships through these advanced capabilities:

  • Simplified prioritization of goals by focusing the client’s resources on the most important topics first
  • Streamlined data input process through tools that automatically set assumptions, provide recommendations, and illustrate various scenarios for comparison
  • Generation of a client-focused analysis including easy to understand graphical illustrations
  • Incorporating SunGard’s MyRetirement to help advisors determine a client’s withdrawal rate during retirement
  • Integration with WealthStation Financial Planning to provide efficiencies in creating a more in-depth plan at a later date if needed

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