Bank of China selects Unisys to develop document scanning system

Source: Unisys

Unisys Corporation (NYSE:UIS) today announced that the Bank of China (Hong Kong) Limited (BOCHK) has awarded Unisys in Hong Kong a contract to build a new voucher imaging system to help the bank better manage its document processing.

The new voucher imaging system will replace the bank's current microfilm machines and help improve cost and operational efficiencies for scanning vouchers, credit card documents and other documents at BOCHK's scanning center in Shenzhen, China. With state-of-the-art technology, the system will allow the bank to scan, index and archive approximately 400,000 documents per day, as well as support 1,000 document inquiries per day.

"We can reduce the operating cost of our original microfilm technology by taking advantage of the latest digital imaging technology from Unisys," commented Philip Chan, head of Information Processing Division, Bank-wide Operations Department of BOCHK. "Not only will we be able to process documents faster, but we also can facilitate retrieval and inquiries through a web portal, and establish an integrated document management strategy that will in turn help deliver better service to our customers."

The engagement includes software, hardware and consulting services. To design and implement the solution, Unisys will use its 3D Visible Enterprise (3D-VE) approach to help the bank derive and streamline its overall document management transformation from microfilm to digital image. Through sophisticated electronic modeling tools, combined with Unisys deep industry experience in banking, 3D-VE allows BOCHK to more strategically re-engineer processes by helping to reduce the risks associated with implementing change.

Unisys will build the new voucher imaging system based on its leading InfoImage technology which numerous top financial institutions worldwide use to upgrade and better integrate their document management procedures.

"This engagement builds on our existing 10-year relationship with Bank of China (Hong Kong) Limited, and we look forward to working with the bank to transform its processes to help reduce costs and improve service," says Iain Moss, managing partner, Global Financial Services of Unisys in Asia. "Our integrated document management approach takes advantage of the latest image technology and also helps the bank better plan a comprehensive document archiving strategy to improve business processes throughout the bank."

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