Canada's NBS Technologies joins Multos Consortium

Source: Multos

NBS Technologies Inc, headquartered in Ontario Canada, and MAOSCO Ltd, headquartered in London England, today announced an agreement for NBS to join the MULTOS Consortium.

On joining the Consortium, NBS will gain an influential seat in the Systems Forum and Business Advisory Group of the MULTOS standards body. As a Systems member, NBS gains voting rights over future development of specifications relating to off-card data preparation and personalisation of MULTOS platforms and applications. NBS also gains automatic rights to implement the recently released MULTOS step/one Off-Card Specifications, the blueprint for key management and data preparation of EMV and other value added applications. MULTOS step/one is the entry level MULTOS platform for financial institutions migrating to EMV – the only open standard alternative to proprietary operating system (OS) EMV cards.

The NBS PersoMaster Suite (formerly UbiQ) is an independent smart card operating system solution for smart card personalisation that can be hosted on a wide range of personalisation hardware. MAOSCO has been working with UbiQ since 2000 on the development of full featured personalisation solution for MULTOS and many millions of MULTOS cards are personalised each year using the PersoMaster Suite.

Guy Berg, VP Software Group of NBS Technologies stated: "As the leading supplier of personalisation solutions in some of the largest MULTOS based projects in the world, NBS has unique experience in large scale MULTOS personalisation. NBS is enthusiastic about supporting the development of the MULTOS step/one Off-Card specifications. By joining the MULTOS consortium, we can fully commit to the on-going support and advancement of our MULTOS capabilities to the benefit of our increasing base of MULTOS customers and the MULTOS consortium as a whole."

Steve Everhard, CEO of MAOSCO Ltd., said: "Our growing Systems membership underlines the success of MULTOS and MULTOS step/one in major smart card projects. We welcome NBS as a key organisation in the smart card industry but more importantly, we welcome the valuable contribution NBS will make to the evolution of the MULTOS Specifications. Infrastructure vendors who aren't part of this effort must question their future in the new smart card economy."

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