TFG Systems extends credit offering

Source: TFG Systems

TFG Systems, a leading provider of real time risk and portfolio management software, today announced they have extended their award winning platform, TFG Complete, with improved modelling of Credit Index Options.

Credit Index Options provide investors leveraged exposure to the credit index swap market as well as to the volatility of these credit indices.

To provide accurate results that are consistent with other asset classes, TFG's model correctly handles all of the unusual features of this growing market: investor compensation for defaults between the trade date and the expiry of the option, price-based options and indices, and the payment at option expiry to address the difference between the strike and the underlying swap coupon.

Martin Toyer, CEO, said "The CDS market is complex, with specific nuances which need to be correctly modelled. TFG's platform provides detailed, accurate and consistent risk measures for a vast array of asset classes; this consistency allows our clients to monitor risk measures for any subset of their portfolio irrespective of the asset classes which it contains. We are delighted to extend our Credit offering, a testament to TFG's commitment to continually evolve our product to meet our clients' needs." 

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