DataCash integrates MasterCard tech into fraud management system

Source: DataCash

Global payments services provider, DataCash - a MasterCard company, today announces that its industry leading fraud management solution, GateKeeper:2.0 incorporates MasterCard's Expert Monitoring System Fraud Scoring for Merchants and also MasterCard's Lost-Stolen Account List API .

DataCash's GateKeeper:2.0 is the first fraud management solution to link to MasterCard's Lost-Stolen Account List API , which cross references more than 30 million lost and stolen cards globally, to help online merchants detect fraud.

MasterCard's Expert Monitoring System Fraud Scoring for Merchants also improves a merchant's ability to identify fraud. With this tool MasterCard provides merchants with a highly accurate predictive fraud score that gives broader insight into card behaviour.

The enhancements to DataCash's GateKeeper:2.0 leverage the strength of the MasterCard network and data insights so that Merchants can more accurately detect fraudulent transactions, as well as lessen the potential of rejecting genuine customers.

"These solutions are designed to help merchants run and grow their businesses more efficiently," says Johan Gerber, Group Head, Processing Products for MasterCard. "The integration into DataCash's GateKeeper:2.0 makes it a powerful single platform solution for merchants to manage and execute their fraud strategies."

DataCash's GateKeeper:2.0 is a global solution which utilises multiple layers of advanced technologies and innovation to identify fraud and risk with pin-point accuracy. It currently screens more than 30 million transactions per month, from over 30,000 Merchants across 180 countries worldwide.

"DataCash's GateKeeper:2.0 has been developed with MasterCard to take fraud and risk management for merchants to a new level, enabling them to expand successfully into new geographical markets, industries and digital payment channels," states DataCash President, Ajay Bhalla. "The current fraud landscape is rapidly evolving, and these developments will secure GateKeeper:2.0's precise ability to detect whether a payment is fraudulent or genuine, enabling merchants the potential to grow their businesses without putting their reputation and revenues at risk."

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