Compushare migrates credit unions to cloud platform

Source: Compushare

Compushare, a D+H company and the nation's leading Technology Management Provider for the financial industry, announced today the migration of two new credit unions to its C3 Cloud Computing solution -- the only on-demand fully hosted cloud computing and application management platform designed specifically for the financial market, which has led to increased client satisfaction and expanded success of the company.

"The economic and regulatory environment demonstrates how important it is for credit unions to focus on their business without having to worry about investing in and maintaining technology assets," said Romir Bosu, Head of Compushare. "Our C3 Cloud Computing solution allows CUNA Member Credit Unions to do just that."

Compushare is the first in the financial industry to offer this category-defining solution so credit unions can realize all of the advantages the technology brings to the industry. "We have seen the adoption of cloud computing among credit unions increase over the last couple of years and, with the recent addition of our latest credit union clients, have found that the market is ready for a hosted solution that helps control costs, improve efficiencies and prepare for increased compliance requirements," says Bosu.

Gulf Coast Community Federal Credit Union is one of the new C3 clients. "It has been great working with the Compushare team and we are excited to move onto Compushare's C3 Hosted Application Platform," noted Gulf Coast Community Federal Credit Union President and CEO Lisa Graham. "Knowing that Compushare is a CUNA Strategic Services (CSS) Trusted Service Provider helped give us the confidence that we were working with a best-of-breed company specifically focused on the credit union industry."

"We of course were familiar with cloud computing but learned more about its applicability to credit unions during the 'Introduction to Compushare' webinar just after the CSS Alliance Provider announcement. We were in the midst of reviewing our strategic technology direction for the future, and the webinar came at just the right time," commented CUNA Credit Union Member Cindy Morgan, Executive Vice President/CFO of Insight Credit Union, Orlando, FL. "We are looking forward to working with Compushare to migrate our systems to the C3 cloud platform while implementing new business applications, improving the health and stability of our systems, and enhancing our security and compliance as well as remote access for our associates."

"Adoption of cloud computing will grow as credit unions look for ways to be competitive and see the benefits of its cost and operational efficiencies," said Wes Millar, Senior Vice President of CUNA Strategic Services (CSS). "CSS chose Compushare as a strategic alliance provider for its cloud-based application platform, C3, which was built specifically for financial services organizations," he added. 

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