Vanguard joins IBM Data Governance Council

Source: Vanguard Integrity Professionals

Vanguard Integrity Professionals, the world's leading developer of information security software, services, consulting and training and a key IBM Business Partner for Tivoli Security and IBM zSeries Software, is pleased to announce that it has joined the IBM Data Governance Council.

The Data Governance Council seeks to redefine the management of data governance policy, the impact of policy on business processes and practices, and the enforcement of policy in IT infrastructure, content and organizational behavior.

Part of the Council's mission is to develop a blueprint for the governance and protection of personal and organizational data within and between enterprises, and to evaluate how organizations can implement this data governance blueprint using IBM and business partner solutions and research concepts.

"I am pleased that Vanguard has been asked to be a part of this important initiative. For years Vanguard has championed many of the same issues related to information security, privacy, compliance and governance that are at the core of the Data Governance Council," says Ronn Bailey, CEO/CTO of Vanguard Integrity Professionals. "Vanguard looks forward to collaborating with the independent software vendors and end users who are part of this distinguished council to create meaningful solutions for organizations facing these incredible challenges. This is a tremendous opportunity to effect change that I intend to fully embrace."

As an ultimate goal for itself and for its clients, IBM seeks to transform data governance and compliance from yearly audits to real-time, change-driven, on demand business processes that continually assess risks, update policies and manage resources across the enterprise.

"One of the biggest problems for organizations is how to manage and control all the data that resides within a company these days, especially as more and more companies do business with each other online, extending into large data supply chains," said Steven Adler, chair of the Data Governance Council and program director, IBM Data Governance Solutions. "There is a clear need for common solutions and governance models to protect and share data on different levels. At the heart of the IBM Data Governance blueprint, is an initiative to bring a collection of proven technologies and collaborative methods to build consistency and quality control in governance, which will help companies better protect critical data."

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