AIM launches portfolio pricing and corporate actions data management application

Source: AIM Software

AIM Software, a leading provider of data management application software for the global financial services industry, today announced the availability of GAIN Portfolio Pricing and GAIN Corporate Actions DM, two new business applications available with the platform GAIN EDM.

These new applications are purpose-built, and designed for use by business operations with features that enable increased automation, flexibility for business users, and improved data quality.

Committed to product innovation, both business applications have been developed with a sponsoring client, and are targeted at financial institutions that manage and service assets, such as Wealth Management & Private Banking, Custodians, Fund Administrators, Investment Managers and Fund Managers.

GAIN Portfolio Pricing is a business application designed to address the requirement for operational efficiencies, the increasing scrutiny of regulators and improved client service. The application can operate both as a pricing hub or as an extension to a core system, such as a Fund Accounting system..

It includes a rich set of pre-built features, components and pricing controls that enable firms to react more quickly to changing business requirements. The modifications and extensions can be performed by Business Operations staff without requiring IT support or code development. All changes are recorded, controlled and versioned for improved transparency in support of auditors.

In coming releases, AIM Software will enhance the sophisticated validation rules in support of further improvements in data quality, automation and flexibility of operation.

GAIN Corporate Actions DM automates the manually intensive and error prone handling of cash flows and corporate actions announcements for organizations also looking to improve operational efficiency, client service and overall data quality and consistency.

GAIN Corporate Actions DM can again act as an extension to existing banking applications, processing data from SWIFT and data vendors for the matching, scrubbing and validation of corporate actions announcements.

GAIN Corporate Actions DM includes a rich set of features specifically designed to support business operations: these include detection of conflicting data, exception management workflows, automated data reconciliation and monitoring dashboards, all maintained as part of the standard product.

To illustrate the "implementation readiness" of both applications, AIM Software has available a fixed price low risk implementation package, that can be ready for implementing Live in a matter of months and in doing so provide a compelling return on investment.

AIM Software's CEO Martin Buchberger comments: "The functionality introduced in these new business applications is an answer to the market demand for better and more efficient data processing management. This release is a prime example of how AIM Software remains committed to providing our clients with innovative solutions required to generate the best possible results. We will continue to develop purpose-built business applications and packages addressing the data management needs of our target market." 

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