HKEx introduces Orion market data platform

Source: Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing

Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited (HKEx) rolled out the first phase of its Orion Market Data Platform (OMD), one of the HKEx Orion technology initiatives, today (Monday) with the introduction of the new system in its securities market.

OMD provides low-latency market data and allows HKEx to disseminate a range of datafeed products with different content and other features to meet the varying needs of information vendors, Exchange Participants and investors.

In conjunction with today's rollout, HKEx launched new historical securities and derivatives data products for subscription, including its new Historical Full Book (Securities Market) product that allows subscribers to download complete order book information for every order and trade of HKEx's Main Board and Growth Enterprise Market, or GEM, shares from today onwards. The enhanced historical data products provide further support for trading in HKEx's markets and market research.

The next phases of OMD, tentatively scheduled for rollout in the first half of next year, will extend direct distribution of HKEx market data to Mainland China through HKEx's Mainland Market Data Hub (MMDH) and then use OMD for HKEx derivatives market data.

"The launch of OMD marks the first major step in the rollout of new platforms under our HKEx Orion technology initiatives," said HKEx Chief Executive Charles Li. "OMD is a transformative system because it equips us to extend direct distribution of our market data to the Mainland."

During a two-week stabilisation period that began today, OMD users are retaining their previous market data source as a backup. After the stabilisation period, the main market data source previously will be kept running in parallel with OMD for a short period to support the smooth migration of information vendors' downstream services. 

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