Bats hit by another glitch

Source: Bats

Please be advised that starting at the regular market open, Bats BYX Exchange experienced an internal network disruption that resulted in Member order entry disconnects and internal multicast network drops.

The root cause was a bug in a network vendor's software used to ensure redundancy between a pair of switches. Thus, the failure rendered both redundant switches intermittently unstable.

While troubleshooting the issue this morning, BATS determined the bug could recur during the current trading day out of Weehawken, NJ. As such, the decision was made to fail trading over for the remainder of the day to the secondary datacenter in Chicago, IL. Trading for BYX Exchange was enabled via Chicago at 12:40:00PM ET and continued from the secondary site for the remainder of the day.

The BATS Network Engineering team will be implementing corrective action to permanently work around the vendor's software bug this evening while ensuring redundancy. Trading for the BYX Exchange is expected to commence tomorrow (Friday, September 27, 2013) in the primary datacenter in Weehawken, NJ subject to rigorous testing of the permanent work around this evening. BATS fully expects BYX Exchange systems to operate normally out of Weehawken, NJ tomorrow. 

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