TMX Atrium upgrades Frankfurt-Amsterdam connectivity path

Source: TMX Atrium

TMX Atrium, provider of smarter infrastructure solutions for the financial community, today announced the completion of an upgraded connectivity path from Frankfurt into Amsterdam.

The enhanced path boosts opportunities for clients looking to trade between the liquidity centres of Frankfurt and Amsterdam, as well as out to locations such as Moscow and London.  

In addition to carefully engineering the TMX Atrium network between Frankfurt and Moscow and the offering of ultra-low latency connectivity from Moscow to Stockholm last year, TMX Atrium's upgraded Frankfurt to Amsterdam route ensures members benefit from a choice of connectivity paths to complement wide-ranging trading strategies.  

In Q1 2013, TMX Atrium completed multiple Moscow route enhancements including an upgraded ultra-low latency path between London, Stockholm and Moscow and on the 25th September, announced their build out to Moscow from Frankfurt FR2.  This series of on-going upgrades ensures that TMX Atrium clients continue to benefit from high-speed, high-capacity, fully diverse paths into and out of the major liquidity centres in Western, Central and Eastern Europe.   

Emmanuel Carjat, Managing Director, TMX Atrium said, "Amsterdam has a rich history of options trading and we anticipate this will continue as more options move to electronic trading.  Clients located in Amsterdam can access key liquidity centres and markets located around Europe and across to North America."

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