Informatica launches messaging system monitoring tech

Source: Informatica Ultra Messaging

Informatica Ultra Messaging, the industry's fastest and highest performing messaging technology, today introduced Informatica Ultra Messaging System Monitoring to enable end-to-end visibility and intelligent alerting for enterprise Ultra Messaging deployments.

Informatica Ultra Messaging is already deployed at nine out of the top 10 global investment banks, eight of the top 10 global FX dealers, as well as at leading hedge funds, proprietary trading firms, exchanges and buy-side asset managers. As these and other customers begin using System Monitoring, they will gain visibility of mission-critical applications running on Ultra Messaging to ensure their systems are optimally tuned and deployed to respond to market movements and capitalize on trading opportunities. Informatica Ultra Messaging System Monitoring enables customers to centrally visualize and monitor business critical applications that use Ultra Messaging. Detailed messaging statistics are collected, correlated and analyzed based on logical relationships between components, and presented in a global enterprise view.

Using the Ultra Messaging System Monitoring Option, customers can:
• Correlate across application instances, topics, hosts and transports through novel visualizations of the distributed systems.
• Optimize deployment designs and configurations through an in-depth understanding of system components and their inter-relationships.
• Ensure high performance in production through visibility into detailed statistics to identify opportunities to increase application and infrastructure performance.
• Proactively plan for future system growth by analyzing aggregated and derived statistics that provide higher-level information about deployments.
• Reduce operational risk and costs through intelligent alerting for proactive identification and debugging of issues affecting the system.

Unique System View for Increased Transparency
Informatica Ultra Messaging System Monitoring provides a novel System View that empowers customers to rapidly identify, isolate and correlate relationships and operational issues for all monitored entities across all Ultra Messaging deployments eenterprise-wide. One-click exposure of relationships across entities and from each entity's point of view shows how all components are connected and operating. By leveraging this unique visual correlation, users can see how applications and messaging are actually interacting and track current vs. expected behavior.

Other key Informatica Ultra Messaging System Monitoring features include:

• Centralized data collection across Ultra Messaging Topic Resolution Domains (TRDs) over LAN and WAN networks, scalable to large deployments.
• Topic-level drill down for insight into entities interested in a specific message topic and faster debug of topic related issues.
• Grid view for detailed data-oriented correlation and analysis of monitored entities. 

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