FT Interactive delivers MTS intra and end-of-day data

Source: FT Interactive Data Europe

FT Interactive Data Europe, part of Interactive Data (NYSE: IDC), and a leading supplier of financial information and analytical software to global markets, announced today that it now provides intra-day and end-of-day pricing from the MTS markets, Europe's leading electronic marketplace for government fixed income securities.

MTS data provides comprehensive coverage of euro-denominated government, agency and covered bond prices in real-time or delayed services for portfolio valuation purposes and is available via FTS, FT Interactive Data's flexible online portfolio administration tool.

MTS prices can be seamlessly integrated into FT Interactive Data's FTS service on a price per security basis. Intra-day prices are downloaded via FTS every half-hour, on the hour and half-hour, and customers are able to download MTS prices up to five times per day per security. Separate benchmark instrument coverage is also available.

Roger Sargeant, FT Interactive Data Europe's managing director, said: "Our customers will benefit from even more enhanced breadth and depth of coverage as MTS data includes euro-denominated government, agency and covered bonds from 16 MTS markets. MTS is the only pricing source where all eurozone sovereign and quasi-sovereign debt โ€“ as well as benchmark euro-denominated bonds of the new EU member states โ€“ can be found on a single feed."

MTS distributes only live market prices, providing high quality data throughout the trading day. MTS prices are not "indicative" โ€“ all prices disseminated are tradable prices, related to either actual traded prices or prices that may be executed by any of the 850 plus MTS participants.

MTS data is derived from the following MTS markets: EuroMTS, EuroCreditMTS, NewEuroMTS, MTS Amsterdam, MTS Austrian Market, MTS Belgium, MTS Denmark, MTS Germany, MTS Finland, MTS France, MTS Greek Market, MTS Ireland, MTS Italy, MTS Poland, MTS Portugal and MTS Spain.

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