Spire Payments launches POS terminal range

Source: Spire Payments

Spire Payments announced today a ground breaking product suite that spans the full range of POS devices from wireless and mobile, through fixed countertop to PIN pads for retail and other environments.

Called the "SP" family of terminals they are designed from the outset to be fully PCI PTS 3.x compliant, including the use of open standards and the adherence to SRED; these devices utilize a new and uncompromised common architecture rather than evolving from a pre-existing design. Offering the maximum possible usable PoS terminal lifespan on the market today and combined with Spire's often commented quality and reliability, they reduce long term cost of ownership and represent unsurpassed value for money. Michel Sohrabi, the Spire Payments Head of Product Development, declared "with the recent recommendation by international schemes to migrate to the most up-to-date PCI devices, timing of this new PCI 3.x / SRED line-up could not be better. What we wanted to deliver in one fell swoop is a range of products that will meet not only the challenges of today but value that remains long into the future and I'm pleased to say that's precisely what our partners tell us we have achieved."

Especially attractive to partners and third party software developers wishing to take advantage of these devices is the combination of the Spire secure framework with the highly reliable, robust and widely-acclaimed Linux operating system to provide a best in class platform. PoS application developers will be pleased to hear that Spire Payments has also introduced an innovative Application Development Environment it calls "inSPire"tm that is unlike any other traditional PoS development kits. inSPire comes in the form of a single package with all necessary transactional tools and fully certified libraries. This package enables a rapid application development cycle and includes on-target debug which, allied with Spire's unique automated test environment, automatic common format report and automatic documentation generation, allows full or partial regression testing of the Application Development Environment functions to ensure solution integrity at every stage in the application creation process. Fully supported by Spire's team of Development Environment specialists, inSPire enables the rapid evolution and availability of new payment applications by facilitating the development process and saving partners time and money so that they can focus on creative and imaginative applications. And if that wasn't enough, because each Spire Payments' device shares the same architecture, each new application, once written and approved, will function on the complete product range without a need for repeat certification. Sohrabi added "The market now demands innovative, interactive and imaginative payment applications and our idea was to reduce, or even eliminate, some of the tedious aspects of the application development process to allow an application engineer to focus on what they like to use the most - their creative skills. I am pleased with the result!" 

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