BancTec releases PayCourier 5.0

Source: BancTec

BancTec, a global provider of document and remittance processing solutions, announces the release of PayCourier 5.0 which streamlines and automates payment processing, increases productivity and significantly lowers costs.

The new PayCourier 5.0 supports a hub-and-spoke architecture that offers clients distributed processing, advanced exception processing and superior security for sensitive information. These new capabilities make it possible to efficiently distribute work across multiple job sites and to effectively manage work between different time zones, work-shifts and volume fluctuations.

"Our introduction of PayCourier 5.0 addresses our clients' need for centralized management of distributed operations and enhanced security so that images can be safely captured and keyed anywhere in the world," said Mark Fairchild, Senior Vice President, Global Products and Operations for BancTec. He adds, "BancTec continues its strong commitment to developing solutions for the payments market by focusing on operational flexibility and automation to reduce labor costs."

The new operations dashboard component monitors peripheral devices and transports along with Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR), providing real-time alerts that allow users to quickly identify and resolve potential and unexpected problems in the processing infrastructure. "Rope-and-Zone" technology and document template memory reduce exception processing for content validation and data capture of documents accompanying payment streams.

PayCourier 5.0 interfaces seamlessly with a wide variety of scanners and transports to offer clients robust, scalable solutions for diverse remittance processing environments. These include the DocuScan and the F-Series scanners offered by BancTec, as well as the Opex AS3600 and other industry scanners. Integrating PayCourier with low-volume scanners, such as the new BancTec F-Series, addresses the growing need for processors with distributed branch capture or stand-alone environments.

A rich Graphical User Interface (GUI), support for existing Accounts Receivable Conversion (ARC) interface packages, and forward image presentment for Check 21 Electronic Cash Exchange (ECE) all make PayCourier 5.0 a competitive tool for clients in a variety of industries who must process a wide rage of volumes.

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