CMA secures certified electronic access to Colombian bourse

Source: CMA

CMA, the leading Latin American market data and trading Services Company, has certified Electronic Access to the Bolsa de Valores de Colombia (BVC) with several CMA client brokers based in Bogota actively trading with CMA systems.

The BVC is the second largest market CMA serves with market data and trading platforms, being a leading vendor in Brazil with more than 60% of the broker dealer community, as well as customers in Chile, Argentina, Peru and Mexico. CMA has over 18,000 workstations deployed throughout Latin America and supports its customers from fourteen strategically located regional offices.

The BVC offerings include trading in equities, fixed income, derivatives and structured products, placing it in the top ten best performing exchanges according the World Federation Of Exchanges, 2010 Market Highlights report. The BVC has also ranked sixth of the top ten exchanges for trading bonds in recent years, clearly making the BVC one of the leading Emerging Market exchange markets.

The Latin American exchange marketplace continues to show initiative in integrating international and regional participation. The Mercado Integrado Latino Americano (MILA) program, which combines the exchange markets of Colombia, with Peru, Chile and recently announced intentions of Mexico to join, are examples of how CMA participates as a leading Latin American regional vendor. CMA brokers in Colombia, Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Argentina and Peru can trade the other important exchange markets seamlessly, through the integration of the CMA order routing platform called CMA TradeHub.

Juan Pablo Córdoba, president of Bolsa de Valores de Colombia, stated, "It is very important for the Colombian Market to advance its globalization, and what better way to do so than by working with first-rate tools and allies. We are certain that CMA will be key to this mission, but particularly so in creating better alternatives for access for investors who want to come invest in Colombia."

Mario Chuman, General Manager of CMA in New York, said, "Certifying with the Bolsa was important for the CMA OMS platform a couple of years ago. Since that time, we have added more brokers and are very excited about the new offerings the exchange has rolled out for more access. Providing market data and trading solutions for the Equities, Derivatives and Fixed income markets, along with currency spot rates all available on CMA terminals. The wide range of financial market applications, demonstrates the level of commitment CMA has for its customers in Colombia and for trading from abroad."

The BVC has recently announced, it will be offering more access options for traders as well as looking to increase the connectivity options participants have in getting data from the exchange and sending order execution messages into the exchange. 

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