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Toopher, online security's user experience company, launched its Multifactor Authentication Platform (MAP) on stage at FinovateFall yesterday.

Toopher's MAP solution is "invisible" location-based multifactor authentication and authorization using your smartphone--ideal for protecting logins, payments, purchases or any online action handling sensitive user data. Finovate is an executive conference and launchpad for the world's top financial and banking technology innovations. Toopher was one of 60 companies invited to present this week in New York City.

Toopher's mission is to create the most usable, most secure authentication platform available. It targets the financial services industry, an industry historically prone to online fraud and historically desirous of online convenience and simplicity.

"The key to better online and transaction security is not more passwords, algorithms and cryptography," said Josh Alexander, Toopher's co-founder & CEO. "Effective authentication should leverage user behavior and logic to create the lowest barrier to entry and the least demand to change your behavior. That's how you get users and employees to adopt your security and enjoy your service. And that's what Toopher does with our focus on user experience."

With Toopher, your password works when you're sitting in front of your computer. But if you're not there, your password is worthless. Toopher uses the location awareness of your phone to automate your normal behavior, making your bulletproof authentication "invisible." Toopher is the first and only company to offer automated, context aware authentication.
Current online authentication options are disliked by users and demonstrably vulnerable, whether based on key fobs, security questions or one time passwords. Online authentication is an unavoidable problem that lost the global economy over $100 billion last year with US financial institutions alone losing over $20 billion.

Toopher MAP addresses this business loss and security risk by delivering sophisticated, multidimensional security, greater user convenience and loyalty, increased operational efficiency, and the opportunity for accelerated business growth.

Toopher works intuitively: a user logs into a site like normal. A request is pushed directly to the user telling them the who, what and where. The user can then allow or deny the request. If the request is suspicious, the user denies, effectively defeating online fraud. Better still, Toopher can automate responses from that location so your phone never leaves your pocket. This industry-pioneering, out-of-band authentication prevents fraudulent transactions before they happen, instead of reacting to them after the damage has been done.

Toopher MAP is live and available now. Individuals can download Toopher for free in the App Store and on Google Play. Businesses may contact Toopher to quickly integrate and deploy Toopher today via

"We are thrilled Toopher chose our Finovate stage to introduce the world to its multifactor authentication platform," said Eric Mattson, CEO, The Finovate Group. "At Finovate, we see many amazing innovations around financial transactions, online banking, mobile retail. It's great to learn about an innovation that can easily and simply protect them all."
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